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“Got any spange?”

A weathered traveler, Gutterslug might be the coolest guy an underage punk could know… Unless they know anyone else that can buy them beer.


“Hey ladies… urp.”

Another holdout from the Sissy and Psycho generation, Bobbo would tell you how old school he is, if he was ever invited to the party.


“I dunno…”

The unfortunately nicknamed, Nutsack is Twister’s lifelong best friend. A bit more apprehensive than Twister, Nutsack is still always loyal and willing to follow his best friend into any uncertain situation. Despite being the more level headed of the two, Nutsack always finds himself, the follower. Nutsack might not be quite the die hard that Twister strives to be, but for the time being he’s along for the ride.



Too naive to realize that his nick name is a mockery of his uncool hairstyle, Twister is a 9th grader determined to be accepted by the older punks and he is diving head first into the deep end. An otherwise typical irresponsible and insecure teenager, Twister knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up… A punk! Often finding himself the victim of his own- trying too hard, he is constantly landing in hot water with his dad.


“I’m gonna kick your butt off!”

Sissy’s partner in slime, Psycho serves as the muscle to the menacing pair. Possibly a little less cruel than Sissy, Psycho still never hesitates to throw his weight around. Some live for- chaos for the sake of chaos, some are just genetically predisposed to always following their worst possible instincts. Psycho is all of the above. It’s hard to appreciate your bully while he’s terrorizing you, but sometimes you just gotta take your lumps, and sometimes you come out a better punk for it.


“Eat my Oi! Ya little toe-wads.”

A member of the older generation, Sissy might not but be much of a fighter but he is scary none the less. What he lacks in overall toughness, he makes up for with his total disregard for the well being of anyone around him. This young punk’s worst nightmare is old school and he won’t hesitate to tell you. His unpredictable nature keeps everyone on edge when he’s around but sometimes a scene needs a couple bullies to thin out the herd.

Packy Steve

“Stupid friends…”

The perpetually grumpy, “Packy” Steve serves as the party dispatcher to the punks. Working at Marten’s Liquors and delivering kegs gives Steve the inside scoop on the locations of all of the highly crash-able weekend college parties. Much like Howie, Steve hates all of his friends. Steve is convinced that all of his friends only come around when they need something from him, though he is just as quick to take advantage of them. Miserable people like Steve tend to embrace misery, this is why Steve continues to hang out with the rest of the group.

Howie the House Punk


The always unwilling participant, Howie the House Punk is even more high strung than Bazz. However, his intensity manifests itself in the form of yelling and complaining more than anything else. A pretentious record nerd who retired from studs and spiky hair at an early age, Howie hates punks. This is an unfortunate situation for Howie being that he is only friends with punks.


“Bazz needs to BUZZ!”

Skuzz’s lifelong best friend and fellow trouble maker, Bazz is your typical tightly wound, temperamental vessel of chaos. While Bazz has a lot of hate in his heart for a lot of things, the thing he hates the most is boredom.


“But of course.”

Poserton’s every-punk, Skuzz represents a little bit of us all. A misguided intellectual who empathizes with the world around him, while callously wreaking havoc on it. What Skuzz lacks in self awareness, he makes up for in overconfidence. But he’s just charming enough to get away with it.