Entry #14

Stab The Judge

    ... And if you happen to be hiding a knife up your ass, stab the jailers too! If you are unaware of the Supreme Courts most recent ruling in favor of a police state you can read the court’s ruling here: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/11pdf/10-945.pdfRead more about the story here: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/opinionla/la-ed-strip-search-supreme-20120404,0,6507648.story

    So here it is: After a routine traffic stop a man was arrested on an outstanding bench warrant. The warrant was for an unpaid fine. As it turns out, the fine had in fact been paid. The warrant remained in the police database, likely due to an error or oversight by someone in the department. During his stay in two different holding facilities, the man was twice subjected to full strip searches. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the searches were justified and a necessary safety precaution.

    To call these searches a safety precaution implies that the detainee might be smuggling some sort of weapon. Is there any precedent for someone commuting with a weapon hidden in their rectum on the chance that they might be arrested at any given moment? Let’s pretend for a moment that the first search was justified. What chance would there be for the detainee to obtain and smuggle contraband from one jail to another while in police custody? Why are we more concerned about protecting the police than we are about protecting a citizen who is Innocent until proven guilty? (innocent and never proven guilty in this case.)

    The Supreme Court is the end of the line, there is no higher authority. And The Supreme Court has made it legal for the police to treat anyone in cuffs like a dangerous criminal. Now, if you get arrested in this country, the police are within their rights to perform a full body cavity search on you. It doesn’t matter if the arrest is justified or not.

    Big picture: The Occupy movement has not gone away. With the seasons changing and the weather getting warmer again there is a real chance that the movement may grow stronger, it could even get bigger than ever before. Occupy marches and protests have resulted in hundreds if not thousands of arrests including several mass arrests. Being arrested is never a good time. It almost always results in hours of processing, hours in a holding cell, time in court, and fines. It often includes physical and verbal abuse. But, if you believe in the cause, being arrested was a price many of us have been willing to pay. Apparently, until now the threat of arrest was simply not terrifying enough. The next time I am wearing handcuffs or a zip tie, I will be forced to wonder whether or not I will be legally stripped and humiliated.

    If you ask me, this ruling is a fear tactic. The powers that be have been watching an increasingly disenfranchised public starting to fight back and the don’t like it one bit. They want to beat us into submission. Legally they can’t use batons in a holding cell (at least not if your rich and white) but they can use degradation and humiliation. They are making it more apparent than ever that we are to FEAR the police. They’ve given up on the idea that we will ever respect them.

    All law men are enemy. FUCK THE POLICE! STAB THE JUDGE!