Entry #16

G.G. R.I.P.

    On the anniversary of G.G. Allin’s death, I feel compelled to write about G.G. Allin. I am a fan of G.G. I think his early records are amazing. Most people find his music to be horrible, offensive, and hateful. I don’t disagree, however, the music of G.G. Allin knew no biases and was without discrimination. Contempt for women and homosexuals still runs rampant in acceptable mainstream rock and hip hop culture. This is way more offensive to me than anything G.G. Allin ever did or said. G.G. expressed hatred for absolutely everyone and everything. He lived with absolute contempt for society and didn’t give a fuck how society felt about him. Plenty of people have said that he was just a performance artist and a freak show and that he wasn’t a punk. I really can’t find my way to this conclusion.

    Unfortunately, for all that G.G. did to change the face of rock ‘n’ roll, in my opinion he was also rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest disappointment. He made the world a promise that he would kill himself on stage. He did not fulfill this promise. Instead he died like every other boring loser rock star- he overdosed on heroin. A rock icon who obviously didn’t value his own life had a chance to cement his legend and do something that no artist had done before and that no artist has done to this day, instead he squandered

the opportunity. Despite what every Lower East Side wannabe junkie loser rock failure has convinced themselves, heroin is the enemy of rock ‘n’ roll.

    In conclusion, but with love and respect: FUCK YOU G.G.!