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As Mentioned in the “About” section of this site, I have played and toured with several bands over the years. 

    In 2003, Pat Clement of F.N.S. publishing distributed blank notebooks to several bands. Pat requested tour journals from the bands that he would go on to publish in a zine called “In The Van”. I happened to be a part of two of the tours that would be recorded for the zine. The first of the tours was The Clit 45/A global Threat 2003 East Coast Tour. On this tour I was playing bass for Clit 45. The AGT crew took on all of the writing duties for the tour journal. The second tour was The Virus/Blind Society 2003 North American Tour. On this tour I was roadie/merch guy for the Virus. This time, I wrote the majority of the journal entries.

    After reading the finished product of these two tour journals I was inspired to keep writing journals during future tours. I managed to write about almost every day of almost every tour I was on from 2004 to today. There are a few tours, as well as a few days on certain tours that I left out. Neglecting my journal duties on these tours is one of my biggest regrets in my touring career.

    Below are links to the tour journals that I have uploaded so far. Unfortunately, all of these tour journals were handwritten and typing them up is quite time consuming. I will add entries as I have time.

-Mike “Rufio” Kadomiya

               A Global Threat / Clit 45                             The Virus / Blind Society 

                      Spring 2003                                                 Summer 2003

                                                                                         (Coming Soon)

Bryan Valentines.jpg

                The Unseen / The Virus                                  Various Unseen Tours

                        Spring 2004                                                      2004

                      (Coming Soon)                                             (Coming Soon)

Unsee-Virus Spring 2004.jpg


                  Defiance / Action                                       Lower Class Brats / Clit 45 

                      Spring 2005                                                 Summer 2005

                    (Coming Soon)                                               (Coming Soon)

Defiance-Action 2005.jpg

           The Unseen / A Global Threat          Strike Anywhere / With Honor / A Global Threat 

                  Summer 2005                                                    Winter 2006

                  (Coming Soon)                                                 (Coming Soon)


            Subhumans / A Global Threat                    Subhumans / Clit 45 / Signal Lost

                       Spring 2006                                                  Spring 2006

                     (Coming Soon)                                              (Coming Soon)


               Clit 45 / Career Soldiers        Strike Anywhere / Ignite / A Global Threat /  Modern ????

                       Spring 2006                                               Summer 2006

                      (Coming Soon)                                           (Coming Soon)

Strike Anywhere / Bane / A Global Threat /           This is Hell A Global Threat / Wednesday ... ???? 

                      Summer 2006                                             Summer 2006

                     (Coming Soon)                                             (Coming Soon)

Skuzz p. 1.jpg 

                       War of Words                             Billy Brown / War of Words (Acoustic Tour)

                      Summer 2009                                            Spring 2011

                     (Coming Soon)                                          (Coming Soon)


             Krum Bums (European Tour) 

                            Fall 2011

                       ( Coming Soon)


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