The Virus/Blind Society Tour 2003 photos


Niagara Falls

TV/BS/NA03 1

Big Mike, me (flashing gang signs), Josh

TV:BS:NA03 2

A view from the back of the van: Jasper, Mike, Jarrod, and Josh

TV:BS:NA03 3

Me next to a puddle of my own puke. The pillowcase over my shoulder was my suitcase for the first week of this tour

TV:BS:NA03 4

Drew and Josh freaking each other at a half assed 80s night in Toronto

TV:BS:NA03 5

No one ever accused Canadians of being the most imaginative people

TV:BS:NA03 6

Getting the Virus merch shadow box squeegee clean at L-X in Montreal

TV:BS:NA03 7

Some Montreal punk who put a huge pile of PCP under my nose for a free patch

TV:BS:NA03 8

Montreal punx, L-X

TV:BS:NA03 9

The Virus L-X, Montreal

TV:BS:NA03 10

Sam from Inepsy

TV:BS:NA03 11

Jasper taking down a 12" wiener at a gay diner in Montreal

TV:BS:NA03 12

Gas station somewhere in Eastren Canada

TV:BS:NA03 13


TV:BS:NA03 14

Bludwulf somewhere in upstate, New York: Alex(r.i.p.), James

TV:BS:NA03 15

3 suspected homosexuals- Pat, Brendon, me

TV:BS:NA03 16

Leonardo, New Jersey

TV:BS:NA03 17

Tied to the tracks- Railroad museum, Fairfax, VA

TV:BS:NA03 18

Knockin' it back, have another oneā€¦ Wizard Saloon, Hickory, NC

TV:BS:NA03 19

Storming the castle- Uncle Doctors, Columbia

TV:BS:NA03 20

Peelander-Z at Uncle Doctors

TV:BS:NA03 21

Welcome to Miami (Drew, Chris, Mike, me, Jasper, Blaise, Black Jon, Dan, Brendon, Matt, Josh, Jarrod)

TV:BS:NA03 22

Sam and me at Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX

TV:BS:NA03 23

Grill master B. Jon

TV:BS:NA03 24

Dave Krum Bums- Sin 13, San Antonio, TX

TV:BS:NA03 25

Trae Krum Bums- Sin 13, San ntonio, TX

TV:BS:NA03 26

Sam Starp-onz- Sin 13 San antonio, TX

TV:BS:NA03 27

Hocking shirts at Sin 13

TV:BS:NA03 28

Strap-onz Ry and Brad, teetering around

TV:BS:NA03 29

Sin 13: Jarrod, Sam, Blaise, Mike, me, Jasper, Brad, Trae, Manny, Ry, Dave, Mike

TV:BS:NA03 30

Some girl in San Diego

TV:BS:NA03 31

Bigfoot sighting, somewhere in the NorthWest

TV:BS:NA03 32

Mike Aragon and Cory(r.i.p.) partying down in Portland!

TV:BS:NA03 33

Riffs sandwich: Colin, me, Alan

TV:BS:NA03 34

Hopper, Michelle

TV:BS:NA03 35

Monster Squad Punx in Portland, OR

TV:BS:NA03 36

East Coast transplants at the Paris Theater in Portland, OR

TV:BS:NA03 37

Singing "Hard Times" with Blind Society and getting intimate with the crowd. Paris Theater Portland, OR

TV:BS:NA03 38

Monster Squad somewhere in Northen California?

TV:BS:NA03 39

The Escaped

TV:BS:NA03 40

Van urinal, sponsored by Snapple

TV:BS:NA03 41

Regrets in a seedy motel room

TV:BS:NA03 42

Josh(Virus), Tom, Jeremy, Carter(Escaped), and half of Jason(Monster Squad). Nashville, TN

TV:BS:NA03 43

More Hard Times. Nashville, TN

TV:BS:NA03 44

Some mall somewhere in the country

TV:BS:NA03 45

Stuck in traffic

TV:BS:NA03 46

The end. Wikesbarre, PA

TV:BS:NA03 47